Hello, young people! Below are some great contacts to help answer questions and resolve issues:

FosterClub has a dedicated team of folks to help you find what you need in Wisconsin. Call them at  503-717-1552 or email them here. They can help you find resources to help you transition to adulthood and connect you to leadership opportunities. 

Healthcare for Former Foster Youth (FFY).

Did you know that former foster youth have access to free Medicaid after they turn 18 until their 26th birthday? Qualification for FFY to access Medicaid is not dependant on employment or education status. Check out #Healthcare FFY for more information about this program!

You can apply in-person, by phone, or online.  Make sure to indicate on the application that you were formerly in foster care! There should be a specific question asking for this information. If you fail to indicate that you are an FFY, you will not be able to receive Medicaid til 26 benefits. 


Improving How We Support Young People in Achieving Permanency

By APetite1 — Jul 6, 2021

Written by Aleks Talsky , Member of the ACF All-In Youth Engagement Team Policymakers, agencies, and professionals continue to expand and develop best practices around achieving permanency for young people served by the child welfare system. Whether... Read more

Family is not always Biological

By BrandiRose — Aug 24, 2019

The most important thing in my life is my family. I spent over 2 years in care before being adopted two weeks before my 18th birthday. The whole time I was in care felt like a honeymoon. After the adoption, the relationship between my parents and I... Read more

Aging Out: Is It Worth Giving Up Adoption?

By sillychild18 — Aug 8, 2018

I do not let money stand in my way and neither should you. Health care and educational funding should be available for everyone, including foster youth, until age 26. As foster youth, we are like all youth: anxious to be out and on our own. However... Read more


Wisconsin Child Protective Service Complaints

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Wisconsin lists several departments and ways to file complaints on this website, including a generic form. If you need additional assistance, feel free to call Outreach at FosterClub (503) 717-1552.Read more

Wisconsin Independent Living Program

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The Wisconsin Independent Living (IL) Programs help current and former foster youth reach their independent living goals, providing services for education, employment, housing, budgeting and building a support network to assist youth as they transition to adulthood. Find your local Independent Living Coordinator Here: https://dcf.wisconsin.gov/map/ilRead more

Wisconsin Medicaid

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Medicaid is basic health insurance that is available to foster youth or former foster youth who are eligible. The information provided should help you apply. Apply directly online for Medical benifits.Read more