Richard T, of Milwaukee, WI has overcome many challenges as a nineteen year old. He grew up in a household where abuse, drugs, and alcohol were common. During his junior year of high school, at age sixteen, he lived on his own after his mother was arrested. Separated from his father and his siblings, he soon was moved to live with an aunt but became homeless as she did not want to care for him and also had a criminal record. His mother, who is also disabled, is not a legal citizen and currently faces deportation. Each of the challenges Richard were daunting, but he did not let them distract him from becoming a successful leader. The parents of one of Richard’s friends saw this determination and offered to become his licensed foster parents. In high school he became a member of the Key Club where he was the secretary and won the highest award possible. He also served his community by working countless hours on numerous projects. Richard became the only member of his family to graduate from high school and to start college. He attends UW-Milwaukee where he is working towards a degree in community education. He has immersed himself on campus and worked hard to earn a 3.8 grade point average as a first-semester freshman. Richard has an impressive list of current activities. He is the secretary for the collegiate version of the Key Club and serves as the co-chair of Advocates for Choice. In addition, he holds a job on campus, and is applying for an internship at the largest youth LGBT drop-in center in Wisconsin. His nominator speaks highly of him, adding that he “has a very outgoing and engaging personality,” and “is an outstanding… extremely resilient young man.” We cannot disagree with that. No matter which direction Richard chooses to go, we know that his wisdom and dedication will take him very far.
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2012 Outstanding Young Leaders