Tina, age 18 from Wisconsin, is currently in a relative home placement in foster care. She has overcome many obstacles that life has thrown at her, and excels at almost anything she wants to do. She has advocated for youth in foster care with state representatives as part of Foster Care Month. While in foster care, she has struggled with health issues.

She is an active volunteer for foster youth in her community, including leading sessions for a Youth Support Employment event. Tina is a person to be admired for the hard work in all that she does as well as her leadership in the community. Tina plans to go to college to become an attorney or paralegal to assist other youth like herself.

She demonstrates a positive outlook on life. In 2011 she received the Outstanding Youth Award for Wisconsin at the 22nd Annual Children Come First conference and Wisconsin Family Ties and she was awarded the Governor’s Foster Youth Award in May, 2012.

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2012 Outstanding Young Leaders