How Have Foster Parents Impacted Me?

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You are going to get a sneak at my journey of the foster homes that impacted me the most. The foster care system has made me who I am today. Today can be thanked in the form of a package labeled "Nicholas Rolfi". The system has shaped and molded my life now the way it is. Moving from house to house has taught me to think bigger and bigger. What I also learned is that people come and go in your life when you're in foster care and may never be seen again.

Permanency - The cycle

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Learning about permanency as an intern in 2010 was what I can only describe as amazing. Amazing for the fact that I realized I had it, that others go a lifetime without it, and, as of last week, realizing the full cycle of permanency. What do I mean by permanency?

How We Can Do Better: Foster Parent Mistakes and Successes

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People who are interested in becoming foster parents often want to read perspectives on foster parenting from current foster parents. Youth perspectives can be helpful. As I advocate for current and former foster youth, I'm finding more opportunities share my story and what I hope can become a more positive reality for foster youth in the future.

The Ideal Foster Parent

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My name is Jessica Determan, I am 19 years old, and I am from southwest Minnesota. I have been in the child welfare system from ages 14 to 18. I have gone through two traditional foster homes, one kinship placement and at the age of 17, I found my adoptive family. I have two biological brothers, one sister and one brother in my adoptive family. My brother and sister are my adoptive parent's biological children; I changed my last name to theirs during my first year of college.

What Being a Great Foster Parent Looks Like to Me

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Foster youth are very diverse individuals because they come from many unique backgrounds and cultures. I personally believe being a foster parent takes a lot of responsibility and patience. They have to make sure the children's needs are being met, learn to adapt to any physical or mental disabilities as well as the emotions of the youth. Let's face it, being a parent in general is not always easy and being a foster parent can be even more challenging.

Great Foster Parents

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There are many attributes that contribute to making a great foster parent, most of which coincide with just being a great parent. To be a good parent it's important to be open and try to look at things from everyone's perspective. This is especially important as a foster parent. Although there are different types of parenting and some if not all of them "work" to some extent, when being a foster parent I would urge you not to take an authoritarian approach to things. Every youth in care has experienced trauma, otherwise, they wouldn't be in care.

My Aunt Lisa

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"She is the example I would like to see in other foster parents. I found all the real qualities of a parent in this lady who became very special to me, she gave me exactly what youth like me need."

Concern Over the Uncertainty of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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For many, we wanted to start 2017 on a positive note but since the new year began, we have seen the changes of the new government begin to take effect. One of the most basic rights to citizens has been attacked and that is our access to healthcare. The Affordable Care Act helped thousands of Americans gain access to health insurance who would not have been able to do so due to jobs that do not include benefits and so on. The Act also helped the nation's most vulnerable to be able to afford insurance, as well as gain access to medicaid because they did not meet certain criteria.


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It is that time again. You're going into the big bad world of education and you're not sure if you're ready, if you want it, if it is even worth it. I know the feeling. I have not written a post for a while but today I just wanted to write and you seemed right. Welcome me with open arms? I knew you would accept me. That is why I am here and not Facebook, they don't appreciate me over there. So let us get to it. continue to read..

Blog #5

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Wow, life after the internship.... I want to thank all of the staff at Foster Club, it was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I can't believe that I am blogging again haha. So I've been trying to get a new job as a Youth Adult Consultant. During my application I am proud to say I mentioned Foster Club quite a bit. There is so much that i have taken from this internship. All the training, all the facilitating, all the studying, all the notes. I don't regret a second of it.


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