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Back to SchoolIt is that time again. You're going into the big bad world of education and you're not sure if you're ready, if you want it, if it is even worth it. I know the feeling. I have not written a post for a while but today I just wanted to write and you seemed right. Welcome me with open arms? I knew you would accept me. That is why I am here and not Facebook, they don't appreciate me over there. So let us get to it. continue to read..

Blog #5

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Wow, life after the internship.... I want to thank all of the staff at Foster Club, it was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I can't believe that I am blogging again haha. So I've been trying to get a new job as a Youth Adult Consultant. During my application I am proud to say I mentioned Foster Club quite a bit. There is so much that i have taken from this internship. All the training, all the facilitating, all the studying, all the notes. I don't regret a second of it.

How Support Changed My Foster Care Story

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How Support Changed My Foster Care StoryUnlike many, I never had someone treat me less than due to my status as a foster youth. However, I did have people look at me differently- just not in the way you would think.

I have always been expected to succeed, regardless of my situation, being that I refused to tell anyone I was in foster care while in it, and I always participated in extracurricular activities, literally never missed school, always had "A's" in AP and Pre-AP classes, and was on track to go to college.

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My Competitive Edge

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Competitive EdgeNo one has ever told me directly that I would not, or could not, do something because I was a foster child. However, what many individuals have done to me in my life is express my situation as an excuse for why I could not or would not do something, implying my capabilities of being a foster child. 

For me, this was “fuel for my fire” throughout my whole life in and out of foster care, and most recently, for graduating college with a bachelor’s degree. 

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There Is More To Life To Prove

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There is More to Life to ProveThere have been countless times where I was told I could or could not do something due to my status as a foster youth. I was not one to have low expectations and standards of myself but others have had that intention. There have been certain things such as my test scores that would determine if I wanted to go into the military (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) for college did not meet the expectations of foster parents. I had been told I was not good enough for a private college or university and should go for something else. Continue to read Sabrina's blog here..


The 8 Letter Word - Normalcy

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Brittney Barros, NormalcyNormalcy. Normalcy was something I was told I couldn't  have because of my status as a foster youth.  And there was so many aspects of this term that I lacked because of being in foster care. It was something I struggled with almost every day and it took an emotional toll on my well being. It seemed Iike every answer to every question was the two letter word that we all hate hearing- "no". Continue to read Brittney's blog here..



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Prevention, Victoria MyersThere wasn’t anything that could have prevented me from entering foster care, but there were dozens of services and people that definitely could have made life in foster care a lot easier for my family and I. Some of the major struggles I went through were a result of the foster care system failing my family and I. Continue to read Victoria's blog..

So Far

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So FarSo far, being an All-Star has been a valuable experience. For the first time I have been given the opportunity to be an independent young adult. This internship has been preparing me in a variety of ways; including moving out before the end of this year. I have also been learning how to manage my finances. My communication skills have been improved by presenting and advancing through each of our workshops. Overall in the last four weeks, I have become an experienced leader.

My Experience

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My ExperienceMy All-Star experience has been pretty great so far. The people I have met in my time here are amazing. We live in a beautiful city and supportive community. It’s been a little bit of a struggle for me to get out of my comfort zone while at work and with others at home, but I’m definitely making some progress. Continue to read Victoria's blog..


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