7 years in Wisconsin’s Foster Care System

ShawnaRae Bruch is a 20-year-old from Wisconsin. She was first placed into foster care as a toddler, and was in and out until she aged out at 18 years old. While in care she moved to many different placements, and attended ten different schools. During her time in care she had no contact with her four siblings. When she was 16, she found a loving foster family who allowed her to stay even after she aged out, and helped her achieve her goal of going to college.

ShawnaRae is an advocate for the foster youth community. She serves as the vice president on the Wisconsin Youth Advisory Board. She travels all over Wisconsin to attend conferences and share her story. She hopes to help foster youth and give a voice to those who do not have one at this time.

Currently, ShawnaRae is a senior at Carroll University, studying for a bachelor’s degree in public health. Eventually, she would like to receive a master’s degree in public health and work in policy and administration. 

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2017 Outstanding Young Leaders
2018 All-Stars