Rowan Arwood

They/Them or She/Her

19 Years Old

2 Years in Wisconsin’s Foster Care System


Rowan entered care in the Wisconsin foster care system at the age of 16 and aged out at 18, with six placements within that time. These ranged from kinship to group homes, and rehabilitation centers. They also experienced supervised independent living. 


Rowan currently attends the University of Wisconsin - Madison and hopes to finish with a bachelors in marketing and a certificate in creative writing. To them, education is very important to reach their dreams and expand their mind. They currently own a candle shop, and hope to expand the product line to bath products with an eventual dream of a full makeup line. Favorite pastimes include meditation and yoga, they hope to obtain a yoga instructor license within the next two years. At this time, Rowan is a part of their local Youth Advisory Board and adores presenting on panels to educate others about the system. They encourage positive change in the system to make the experiences of youth that enter the system much better than their own. 


“The world will be saved and remade by the dreamers”

Sarah J. Maas

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2021 All-Stars