The Coronavirus (Covid-19) Emergency:

Information and assistance
for young people in and from foster care.

While the pandemic is creating chaos for everyone, we recognize how hard the challenges fall on young people who experienced (or are experiencing) foster care, especially for those without family support.

If you need emergency assistance, please email or call 503-717-1552

What's going on:

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Oregon: Youth Like Me, Who Have Left Foster Care Without Family, Have What It Takes To Succeed, But We Can’t Do It Alone Especially Now

I spent six years in foster care, and although difficult in many ways, that time during my youth gave me the resilience, passion and drive for the life I have now. I consider myself one of the foster care success...
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Webinar Recording & Recap: A Historic Opportunity to Reform the Child Welfare System: Youth & Alumni Priorities on Quality Residential Services

On July 2, 2020, The National Foster Care Youth and Alumni Council hosted a webinar to discuss their 2020 Priorities: A Historic Opportunity to Reform the Child Welfare System: Youth & Alumni Priorities on Quality Residential Services Webinar. The webinar...
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Minnesota: Living Through This COVID-19 Pandemic Is Like Reliving My Time In Foster Care

As a young adult who spent nearly 8 years in foster care before aging out, you’d think I’d be used to feeling like my life is out of my control. Living in foster care means never knowing what the day...

How Illinois DCFS And ILP Are Helping Young People During The COVID-19 Crisis

Independent Living Programs (ILPs) across the country are responding to increased requests for assistance from young people from foster care, according to a recent poll by FosterClub . In normal times ILPs help young people from foster care navigate the...
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Los Angeles, CA: Just Like That, My Transition To Adulthood Became Even More Difficult

More than anything I want to create a world where youth in foster care don’t have to fear being alone and not having a place to live. That’s why I’m attending Cal State Los Angeles, studying to become a social...
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From Louisiana: Living through COVID reminds me of foster care: social isolation, constant changes and lack of control

The COVID-19 crisis has turned everyone’s lives upside down. But for young people who have experienced foster care who are transitioning to adulthood, this crisis is hitting especially hard. I consider myself a success story, one of the resilient 3...

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We believe that children and youth deserve to be...


to a peer surpport network and to people in the community who care.


about their rights, how the foster care system works, self-advocacy strategies, and how to locate resources to help them succeed.


and empowered through the stories of people who have succeeded after foster care.


by having their voices heard by policy makers, the public, and others who influence the system that profoundly impacts their lives. 

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Number of kids in foster care:

Reasons kids enter care:

61% Neglect

52% Parental drug abuse

14% Caretaker inability to cope

Youth that age out each year:

*Source: AFCARS #23. 2016. Some numbers have been rounded.