Greta Anderson headshot
Greta Anderson spent 2 years in Winsconsin's foster care system. Brief Biography: Greta entered the Wisconsin foster care system at the age of fifteen; placed in care as a result of a messy family court situation. During her time in care she grappled with being separated from her younger sister and other members of her biological family. She is currently thriving as an art education major at the University of Wisconsin- Stout. Greta can’t wait to get her master’s degree in art therapy and get a job coloring with clients all day. She is slowly becoming the kind of adult she wished for as a kid. Future aspirations: I am currently scheduled to graduate next fall. I plan to pursue my master's degree in Art Therapy and continue involvement with foster youth advocacy. Availability for projects: Document review, Policy development, On-site training (travel ok), Webinars, Writing (such as curriculum development), Work groups. Affiliations: FosterClub OFA State or local youth board