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Anthony Johnson embodies resiliency and altruism. Despite his initial struggles in Wisconsin’s foster care system, Anthony managed to take Honors classes in High School while also finding time to give back to his community. As a counselor at an esteemed summer camp, youth under Anthony’s direction benefitted from his mentoring and easily approachable nature. His mentoring has also extended to youth in the foster care community, where he has counseled recently adopted youth and other youth with transitioning families. Anthony is currently pursuing secondary education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and will be graduating this spring. Upon graduation, Anthony will continue to pursue “justice for all” through a degree in Law. He has received numerous awards for his intellectual achievements and philanthropy from his Fraternity, but it is clear his motivation for pursuing this work is internal. ”It is one thing to tell someone that they are capable of doing something, but another to tell someone they are capable of doing something and you are a living example of that capability.” Anthony serves (and no doubt will continue to serve) as a wonderful living example for those coming up in the foster care system.