Larry B. Davis, MPH, aspires to become a policy advisor, author,
researcher, entrepreneur, and professor. While setting out to accomplish these
objectives, it’s imperative that we recognize the passion that fuels our ambition
for growth and change. Larry obtained his undergraduate degree in Social
Welfare and International Studies. After completion, he pursued his first Master's
degree in Public Health Policy and Administration. During his residency in
Milwaukee, he conducted mixed methods (quantitative/ qualitative) research to
assess social welfare policy and its impact on community health and wellbeing.
While completing both undergraduate and graduate degrees, he actively worked
as a program coordinator and educator at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.
As a student at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, he was always
passionate about community service. To date, he has volunteered over 3,000
hours of service with both AmeriCorps LISC/ America Reads, while maintaining
employment, and scholarship. He has served as a University fellow while
investigating issues of race-social justice, poverty, parental practice, foster youth
wellbeing, cognitive development, health policy and homelessness. All of which
display disparities, he has overcome.
Currently, Larry is pursuing a second Masters at the School of Social
Work at the University of Michigan. He is in the process of enrolling, as a Ph.D.
candidate at the University of Michigan. His intentions are to pursue a dual Ph.D.,
in Social Welfare and Sociology. Making systemic and sustainable community
change can be difficult. Nonetheless, he believes that with time, tools, resources
and a diversified support system; it is something that can be accomplished.