Dianne was placed in foster care when she was four years old. She was first placed in a shelter, followed by two brief placements in foster homes. Dianne's longest placement was from the age of seven to sixteen, but there was a feud which resulted in another placement. She had a couple more unsuccessful placements before she returned to the same placement she left until she aged out of foster care. Dianne now lives on her own.

Dianne is currently enrolled in Marquette University with a double major in English and Secondary Education, with a minor in Sociology. Her hope is to better understand human nature. She eventually wants to run her own school to ensure every youth enrolled receives the education they deserve, and plans to be extra flexible for foster youth.

Dianne said the most difficult thing about foster care is feeling lonely, but she insists, "My dependency and relationship with God is tighter than ever." Although Dianne did not have the most successful foster care experience she feels that through the grace and will of God she was able to maneuver her way through the system and understand that everything happens for a reason. Now she looks forward to pursuing her ambitions and relationship with God in order to lead to a successful future.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2009 Outstanding Young Leaders