Dosha DJay Joi went through three different placements during his time in the Wisconsin foster care system. Having experienced many types of abuse while in foster care, DJay wants to do as much as possible to help youth who are aging out of care with mental health, drug addiction, and independent living skills.


DJay, as he is known in his community, has participated and helped as a court-appointed special advocate (CASA) for those who are aging out of the system, and has helped work on many different bills that will hopefully be passed in his state. He has received two Champion for Change Awards from the Department of Child and Family Services. One for seven years of dedication to the Wisconsin Youth Advisory Council, and one for extending foster care to the age of 21 as long as youth have an individual education plan.


DJay has a bachelor’s degree in Human Services with a minor in Addiction Studies and a minor in Domestic Violence. He currently is a licensed substance abuse counselor in training, and would like to advance his license to a clinical substance abuse counselor. In addition to working as a substance abuse counselor in training, DJay is an adjunct instructor for the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee Child Welfare Partnership.


DJay lives independently, and in his free time he enjoys walking, hanging out with friends and his CASA youth, advocating for different forms of policy, research, and studying.


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2018 Outstanding Young Leaders