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2005 Al-Star Lupe Ortiz-Tovar testified Before House Ways and Means Committee Subcommittee on Income Security and Family Support in February, 2008. Here is what she told them.. First, let me...

Hey Guys, I am not sure if you know this or not but I am a new staff member at FosterClub. I am really excited about the move & so...

Transition (aging out)

She feels less pretty less worthy sad and stuck. like her family, critical and harsh negative and pessimistic all those things a man used to call her But deep inside...


By Anonymous

Carried nine months by a drug-addicted mother, I was born into a house where I was only as good as her next fix. I don’t know what neighborhood...

Entering foster care

The following story was featured in the Fall 2009 Issue of The Connection Magazine, from CASA Download Original Story

From my birth, being gay has been against my family’s way...

LGBTQ+ & Two-Spirit youth

In most states, relatives and others who become permanent, legal guardians for a child in foster care lose federal financial assistance and services once the child exits foster care (as...

Although foster care is an important safety net for some children, it was intended to be a temporary arrangement. Children have a better opportunity for growing and developing when they...


2009 FosterClub All-Star Kita Anderson wrote the following piece for the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies (FPWA) Going to graduate school to achieve my dream of becoming a social worker...

Family relationships

Nationally, American Indian/Alaskan Native children are overrepresented in foster care–at more than 1.6 times the expected level – and are over represented among the children in foster care who are...

The vast majority of dedicated federal funding for child welfare is currently reserved for supporting children in foster care placements and cannot be used for prevention services or other supports...


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