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Haven’t heard about the Higher Education Opportunity Act?

Well, guess what, if you are a student and a foster youth or alum there may be some things you should know...

Higher education

To my long lost friend: I miss you I must admit My pride does not want to give Yet my heart longs for what once was and still is and...

By Ray Hershe, abc40tv • April 13, 2009, SPRINGFIELD, Mass -- The economy makes it tough on everyone. Among those hard hit are social service agencies. And when you rely...

Transition (aging out)

by Audrey Asistio, Foster Kids Struggling in Tough Economy CBS KIMA TV • April 13, 2009 YAKIMA --

Once Tim Byrd graduated high school, foster care was finished, and he...

Entering foster care

By Katharhynn Heidelberg, Montrose Daily Press • April 11, 2009 MONTROSE —- In 2007, one child in every 127 Montrose County children was maltreated through neglect or abuse. These statistics...

Entering foster care

By Julie Bosman
• April 7, 2009, New York--
Even in boom times, young people who become too old for the foster-care system often struggle to make it on their...

Greg Moran • Mar 30, 2009, San Diego -- For foster-care youths who become adults, it is the little things that can cause big problems.

For some, money for a...

Transition (aging out)

by Catherine Candisky • April 2, 2009 COLUMBUS -- Ohio's sinking economy might be causing a spike in reports of child abuse and neglect. For the first time, new allegations...

By Brandon Shulleeta • April 6, 2009, Charlottesville, VA --

Sitting on a couch across from her foster parents, whom she calls “Grandma” and “Granddaddy,” 19-year-old Christina Thomas reflected on...

Have ever wanted to go to Washington DC? Now's your chance. There's an organization called The Campaign for U.S. Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, (or...


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