Live Life don't just let Life Live

Hello Everyone, I know it has been a really long time since I posted and in that time life for me has changed a lot. I have noticed that what I thought was important in life at the beginning of the summer is really just minor details in life.

There is more to life then having name brand cloths, 1,000 friends, and having all the newest electronic gadgets. Life is full of hills, bumps, mountains, and curves and every now and then there is the spot were you have to make a decision about if you are going left or right. When I get to spots in life that make me choose my decision is always the same...

I am going to make my own path. I am going to run up those hills, step over those bumps, climb the mountains, and sprint around the curves. I guess I now know what it really is like to live life and not just let life live. Most of you will think I am going through a mid life crisis (even though this is not my mid life.. I hope). I have worked with youth at a middle school the past couple of months and have seen how innocent and worry free 13-15 year olds are.

I have seen them "date" and break-up. I have watched them grow as young adults and I can only pray that they continue to develop into such amazing adults. After watching them and them helping me to realize what life is really about I have decided that I need to stop let life live and start to live life. I need to take advantage of the opportunities that come my way. I need to take some risks and most importantly I now realize that it is okay to fail as long as you learn from your mistakes. I know now what is meant when told: "The only way to succeed is to fail."

No one in life is perfect and no one will ever be. We all need to make mistakes to better ourselves and to develop into the person the God intended. I am now giving more of my heart not just time to organizations that are meaningful to me. I am spending more time with my family as this past yeah has taught me that I am incredibly blessed and should appreciate them more, and last I am trying to no longer worry about monetary items but instead on the things money cannot buy. I know that this new year will be difficult at times but I also know I have friends and family who I can ask for assistance and guidance along the way.

And so I end with asking all of you to give more then just time to organizations that are meaningful to you, spend more time with the people you care about and don't take them for granted, and last surround yourself with people who care about you (not what you have or can offer) who will stand by you in hard times and celebrate in good times and who will be there to give advise and guidance even when not asked. I wish all of you a Happy Holiday Season!

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