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When I graduated from high school, all I could do was hope for a bright future. In my cap and gown, wearing a smile, I looked just like my classmates...

Entering foster care

Chris entered California’s foster care system at three months old, and remained in the system until he aged out at 18. “I jumped around a lot,” he recalls of his...

Entering foster care

I am 22 with an old soul. Every inch of me is a representation of my grandmother; the way that I cook, the jokes I make, the songs that I...

Family relationships

We all ran away to our grandparents’ house because they were the only stability we had. Ever since my grandparents and my aunt made that commitment to take four kids...

Family relationships

Life has been easy but it has also become hard for me in the past few weeks, because I am constantly realizing my insecurities and trying to pinpoint where they...


Wassup people, I seem to forget sometimes that there is no way I can be in complete control of my life. I can only manage it the best way I...


As a child growing up in a broken home, it was extremely hard for me to create and hold onto healthy relationships. Bouncing from parent to parent and town to...

Entering foster care
Family relationships

Have you ever asked yourself WHY ME??? I know I have many times, both for good and bad things. But I want to challenge you to ask yourself WHY NOT...

So of course you can imagine that life has just not been the same since becoming a FosterClub All Star!! There is just something that has been stirred up on...

I numbingly miss the All-Stars- it seems as though being in Miami and dealing with everything : school, bio-family, and myself has become more forefront and the experience and even...


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