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FosterClub is designed for just for YOU - young people (up to the age of 26) who have experienced foster care. If you are a supportive adult - including an alumni of care age 27+ - we encourage you to become a FosterClub Friend >

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Young people like you are changing the foster care system. For good.

Use what you know: put your experiences in foster care to good use by supporting your peers and tellng the people in charge how foster care could be improved so it sucks less to be in the system.  Find out how you could become a FosterClub Lived Experience (LEx) Leader and start your empowerment journey. You'll give back, learn valuable skills to help you succeed in school and a career, earn some $, and make some new friends along the way.  

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FosterClub helped me connect to other youth who were experiencing the same things I am. It's full of people who get it, and I don't have to explain. It's a big relief.

— FosterClub member, spent 4 years in Oregon's foster care system

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