Sibling separation

What's love Got to Do With It!

It’s been about fifteen years since I last had any contact with my brother Jarel. For the life of me I couldn’t remember what he looked liked or even the last time we spoke, but last week on the 25th of May he entered my life again.

While at work I got a text that read, “Ben is this you?” It was my brother and a few hours later I spoke to him on the phone. Jarel told me out right that he loved me, that we are brothers and that will never change, but most importantly that he will always love me and there’s nothing I could do to alter that fact.

It’s crazy to think that after so many years a person still could have love for another individual. The last time we spoke was when he was about five and now he’s twenty years old! He made me feel as if the bond between us never did stop. He not only was able to do that for me but for our other brothers and sisters as well.

I admire him for that, the person that he has become and the unconditional and abundant amount of love he has in his heart. Its love that I see inside of him that makes me feel so comfortable. Its love that is helping forage a relationship between us, and its love that is helping heal our broken pasts.

Many times we question the motives of our family, asking why did our biological parents give us up, or even question why we were birthed. The answer is love. Love makes us do crazy things at times.

Sometimes it gives us the courage to give up our children and allow others more capable of being caregivers to become parents. It even allows God to allow you to be born, and although he knows you may struggle, the challenge of life is worth it. So once again as the old saying goes, love makes you do crazy things.

My brother asked me to dorm with him at school. I’m not sure if I can afford it, I had an R.A. position lined up, and the housing at my school is cheaper but I’m willing to give that all up, and live with him. I’m not sure how I will pay for it but I know we need to make up for the lost time.

I haven’t been able to tell him I loved him back because it feels weird to me, but I know deep down I do. When I’m ready I will say it but not yet. At this point I’m still in bliss that there is a “new” addition to my family.

Everything happens for a reason, and I see YOU With unconditional Love,


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