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My last post was more of a brief overview of the Oregon Teen Conference. Ok, so maybe it wasn't that brief, but hey, you want details right? But I want to tell you more about what went on behind the scenes, kinda like the E! True Hollywood Story or The Diary of the FosterClub. You think you know but you have no idea... I just want to give a shout out to my fellow All-Stars and Lupe because we really did out thing at the conference.

I was so moved and impressed by how we were able to come to together and make it an event that all the youths would remember. Sure there were meltdowns and minor crisis but no one could ever tell because we put all that aside to focus on our reason to be there. There were times when things needed to be done and though you may not have been "assigned" it, an All-Star was there picking up the slack.

I feel that we really came together as a team and that's what it is all about. I was moved by the spirit of some of the All-Stars who were sick and not feeling well but they stuck to it and did their job. There were some of us who stayed up late to handle some issues or to make sure something was done for the next day. People went above and beyond and not because we wan recognition but because we truly enjoy what we do and everything that we do is for the youth.

The conference truly tested what we learned from training and there were many times when I had a sort of "Ah hah!" moment when I realized "that's why taught us this" or "This is why they said this". We were challenged left and right but I believe we did a great job in handling it. The greatest part of the conference for me was connecting to the youth. I really wanted to motivate them and let them them know that they were not alone. Yeah it's cheesy and a line from Micheal Jackson's song but its true. I've been there.

I know what they are going through and for me, that' such a good feeling to experience. Not many of my friends know I was in foster care and the few that do know, they have no idea what i experienced, so it was great to be around people that have similar stories and who I know understand me. Moreover, it was moving to be around youths who looked up to me in a sense and who were inspired by my story.

I am a college graduate, I've studied aboard, I've made great friends, I'm an All-Star and I'm a Foster kid. They see what I have accomplished and hopefully they know that they too can do anything and i mean ANYTHING that they put their mind to, regardless of that fact that they are foster kids

Jun 30, 2010 By Darrlyn