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Young people who “age out” of foster care — or turn too old to receive foster care services — often face the challenges of adulthood without much support. uddenly, a...

Transition (aging out)

Most young people know that it’s important to have a plan before leaving foster care. But each year, FosterClub hears from youth who have left foster care and lost out...

Transition (aging out)

Listed here are just a selection of challenges that can make the journey to adulthood more difficult. If have one or more of these challenges, it does not mean that...

Transition (aging out)

This is your life. As you approach adulthood, you will have more and more control over decisions that affect you. Your participation in the planning process is the best way...

Transition (aging out)

About the Fostering Connections to Success and Increased Adoptions Act of 2008 law (Public Law 110-351) The new Fostering Connections law made major improvements to programs and policies related to...


18-year-old Kayla VanDyke has had to leave a lot behind over the 14 years she’s spent in foster care and homeless. She entered foster care at age four because of...


Got an idea for a new challenge for next year's 31 MayDays campaign? Send it in by May 31... if our team decides to use it for next year, you'll...

Please help get cosponsors for the " Fostering Success in Education Act"... call your Senator today!

The Fostering Success in Education Act (S. 2801), introduced by US Senators Patty Murray...

Foster Care I just finished watching the movie The Blindside such an aspiring movie a movie I enjoyed also a movie I can relate to. Each year there are thousands...


SunSentinel.com, April 5, 2010, by Akilah Johnson , Fort Lauderdale-

If the state slashes Tamarra Lestage's only safety net — a monthly stipend given to former foster children — she'll...

Transition (aging out)

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