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This weeks topic; Statistics show us that LGBTQ youth are over represented in foster care. With the SCOTUS ruling of marriage equality, in your opinion what impact could or should this have on the foster care industry?

I think that this ruling of marriage equality will have a great impact on the foster care industry and the world. People will finally have legal documents proving what they have been doing for the last fifty years. People will be more open to come out about their sexuality. And more importantly in regards to the foster care system, this will force people to take a closer look into the representation of LGBTQ foster youth and how they are treated in care.

As for over representation, I am bisexual and a minority (being that I am Latina) who is very under represented in the total population so why not over represent myself in the foster care system since it is the only place I have a real voice that is heard? I think that this ruling may result in some more LGBTQ foster youth stepping up and voicing their opinions because this will give them some more confidence but I don't see a problem with that. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, opinions, and interests and everyone has the right to step up and voice those things that make them who they are, and for those who can't speak up for themselves, that is what we AllStars are here for.

To be the voice for our voiceless brothers and sisters in foster care.

Jul 6, 2015 By Laticia