Hello, young people! Below are some great contacts to help answer questions and resolve issues:

FosterClub has a dedicated team of folks to help you find what you need in Texas. Call them at  503-717-1552 or email them here. They can help you find resources to help you transition to adulthood and connect you to leadership opportunities. 

For problems or complaints, contact Texas's Ombudsman, at 1-512-239-4000.

Healthcare for Former Foster Youth (FFY).

Did you know that former foster youth have access to free Medicaid after they turn 18 until their 26th birthday? Qualification for FFY to access Medicaid is not dependant on employment or education status. Check out the #Healthcare FFY campaign for more information about this program!

To apply online, visit here
For application assistance, call the Texas Foster Youth Justice Project at 1-877-313-3688. 


Cassidy Mack

By KaylaM — Feb 2, 2018

Cassidy spent her early years in the Texas foster care system (over 2,000 days in care!). At age 6, she was adopted by Jenn McKown. She started doing Musical Theater at a young age but after meeting Ryan Gosling, she decided she was interested in... Read more

Ernesto's Story

By FCJessica — Apr 6, 2015

Hello, my name is Ernesto. I’m 24 years of age, and I am a gay man who was in foster care for six years. In 2003, my little brother and I were put into the foster care system and placed in a shelter - I was 13 years old. I was scared where I was at, the guys were mean and called me names. I guess this wasn’t anything new, others had called me “GAY”, “FAGGOT” or “QUEER” before. The fear of being different or singled out kept me from coming out. I knew I was gay at a young age of about five. I liked boys, but people didn’t accept that. I knew you got bullied for it. This kept me in the closet throughout my time in foster care. I didn’t talk to anyone other than my little brother while at the shelter. After three months of being there, we were moved to a foster home in San Antonio. Read more


Texas: Rights of Children and Youth in Foster Care

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The Texas DFPS website above provides a list to inform foster children of their rights within the child welfare system.Read more

Texas: Housing Option For Young Adults With Lived Foster Care Experience.

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The website above shares specific housing options for foster youth turning 18 years old. Explore the housing options available to former foster youth and other options in the community to decide which housing option will work for you.Read more

Texas: Health & Human Services (Mental Health Support)

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Texas Health and Human Services contract with 37 Local Mental Health Authorities (LMHA) and two Local Behavioral Health Authorities (LBHA) to deliver mental health services in communities across Texas.Read more

Texas Youth Connection

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Texas Youth Connection provides an array of resources for young people with lived foster care experience. This website can lead you to the right individual and or organization for support in College/Higher Education, Housing, Independent Living (IL) Services, Leadership Opportunity, Life Skills, Complaints, Job search,... Read more

Texas: HAY The Houston Alumni & Youth Center

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The HAY Center, a program of Harris County Protective Services, is a one-stop center where current and former foster youth, ages 14-25, can acquire a variety of transition resources, services, and support. The HAY Center is contracted to deliver Preparation for Adult Living (PAL) services... Read more