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The Education and Training Voucher (ETV) Program allows Texas to help current and former foster youth and young adults, youth adopted at age 16, and youth that enter Permanency Care Assistance at age 16 to make a smoother transition to a successful adulthood by providing funding and supports to help youth and young adults achieve their educational goals.

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  • At least 16 years of age and likely to remain in DFPS foster care until age 18; or
  • Not yet 21 years of age but aged out of DFPS foster care; or
  • Not yet 21 years of age and adopted from DFPS foster care after turning age 16; or
  • Not yet 21 years of age and entered Permanency Care Assistance after age 16.
  • Youth in foster care at age 16 and are enrolled in a dual credit course or other course in which they may earn joint high school or college credit (ETV funds are limited).
  • Young adults participating in ETV on their 21st birthday may remain eligible until age 23 as long as they are meeting the standards for satisfactory academic progress at their institution.  
  • Youth under the custody of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (formerly the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission) can be verified by notifying the ETV Program Director. These youth must have been in a Title IV-E placement on the day they turn 18 and required documentation is needed.  
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