At one of Yosua’s poli-sci classes at Fairleigh Dickinson University, he had a group project that involved students from India, Sweden, Bosnia, Kosovo, South Africa, and Brazil. Many of the students didn’t speak English well, and the team had to find a way to get this project done.

They used pictures and Google translator and somehow managed, at the end of the semester delivered a successful presentation that impressed with its insight and diversity of understanding of foreign policy. When Yosua explains the benefits of growing up in foster care, it sounds like ideal preparation for success in a class like that.

“I have learned how to deal with all types of situations,” he says. “I have developed a strong character and enough persistence to keep going even when things get tough. I overcame many obstacles in my life in which I feel will help me to continue to succeed in the future to continue my education. I have learned many things about other cultures and how to be sensitive to people from different back grounds.”

Can’t hurt that Yosua is fluent in Italian and Spanish, and he’s currently taking Arabic at FDU. Yosua has worked with the Office of International Studies at FDU, helping coordinate summer exchange programs and providing support service to visiting students from Korea and Austria.

It is no surprise that Yosua would like to study international law and ultimately work alongside ambassadors in the United Nations and work his way up to being a trade adviser at the UN. He credits his foster care experience with helping him understand how to work with people from different backgrounds and to seize every opportunity he gets as one more step on the way to making his goals and dreams a reality.

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