Yesenia Anaya has spent the last few years in the work field as a Human Resources Manager for a fiber optics company. Recently, she has stepped away from that role and moved to Austin, Texas to pursue temporary job opportunities before returning to school.

Currently, she is an entertainment host, server, and All-Star Program Job Coach. After a three year break from school to find a better major for herself; she has finally decided on pursuing a career geared towards advocacy and social work.

In her free time, she enjoys journaling, entertaining, traveling,  and cuddling up to her pups, Winnie and Cheech. Yesenia was placed into the Michigan Foster Care System at the age of 12. She and her brother were granted a kinship placement before eventually being reunified with their mother. Today, she is actively involved in advocacy opportunities as they arise and is focused on using today to make a better tomorrow for all.