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"TJ" was a premie drug baby that immediately entered the Texas foster care system. He was placed back with his biological family only to return to foster care after further abuse and neglect. TJ's health concerns and traumatic first years were coupled with multiple foster care placements before finally finding permanency. TJ has completed 3 years of college at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. He is also working on his real estate license and is hoping to complete it by the end of the summer. He then expects to return to Sam Houston State University and complete his degree in Business. TJ plan to work in commercial real estate and currently works as an apprentice for a commercial real estate company. TJ demonstrates his understanding “to whom much is given much is required” through his continued support in foster care and adoptive efforts and assisted with the "Walk Me Home" (National Foster Parent's Association) events and CASA events. For many years, TJ has been excused from school to participate in the adoptions of other foster children. He started by assembling and delivering goodie bags to the families, and has since become an integral part in the paper work (birth certificate information completion) and coordination of families. TJ is a natural leader. His leadership in school was highlighted by receiving the Senior Leadership Award from the faculty of his high school. In addition, TJ was a leader on his school cheerleading team, as well as All-Star competition team, winning multiple state and national championship titles. TJ has a strong belief that he was born with a purpose and that God allowed his circumstances of his life for the greater good. He doesn't yet understand all his potential or purpose but has a very deep belief in his need and ability to excel until that potential and purpose is revealed.




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Congratulations on your selection ... you are well deserving!