Nileh Irsan

2 years in Foster Care

25 years old


Nileh Irsan is a graduate of Texas A&M, and is currently pursuing her Master of Public Health degree at the University of Texas Health Science Center. She would like to become a licensed epidemiologist, and work for health programs that specifically help foster youth by targeting the health issues they tend to experience by being marginalized. Nileh works for the Department of Family and Protective Services, and she would like to put her degree to use at the department by prioritizing underprivileged and marginalized youth in her career.

Nileh received global recognition as a delegate for the National Model United Nations team in New York. Her other leadership roles include serving as a delegate for the Student Ambassadors Association, the PR Vice President for the Student Government Association, and aShadow Day delegate for foster youth in Washington. In her previous role as a Youth Voice Leader at DFPS, Niileh created and participated in statewide Youth Leadership Council meetings. She has extensive volunteer experience, including work with local food banks, with UNICEF, at beach cleanups, at local mosques, and as a Youth Committee volunteer for foster youth in school.

Nileh spent about two years in foster care. She used to hide her experiences because she thought it made her look weak, but she has since learned that what she went through in foster care helped make her the strongest person she knows. Nileh recognizes that the system desperately needs people like her to give back and make foster care better for other young people.

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