Friendly, engaging, and dedicated are just a few words that describe seventeen year old Matthew W of Groveton, NH. The high school student has settled well into the position of leader and, as written by his nominator, “is an exceptional young man.” As a founding member of the Northern Region Youth Advisory Board in his state where he is the acting president, Matt has demonstrated a commitment to advocacy and the development of young leaders to follow.

He has volunteered his time at the Littleton Youth Visions job fair, has participated in specialized youth leadership trainings, attends state-wide Youth Advisory Board meetings, and is an active participant of the student body trying to make improvements at his high school. Matt is also known as a leader among his peers and those otherwise close to him. His nominator writes that “Matt’s peers respect his point of view,” and that he is thoughtful and respectful in his feedback to them.

When not engaged with his fellow youth, Matt spends his time caring for his two younger twin sisters. He is a natural caregiver and works hard to ensure that his sisters and himself are well taken care of. After high school, Matt would like to join the military and will undoubtedly continue and strengthen his exceptional leadership qualities.

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2012 Outstanding Young Leaders