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Kim Hastie spent 2 years in Idaho's Foster Care System. Seventeen year old Kim Hastie, who spent two years in Idaho’s foster care system, is as dedicated and determined as they come. Academically Kim is a star (and that’s an understatement). Even though she is taking a rigorous course load including two Advanced Placement Courses in Literature and Biology, Kim is able to maintain a 4.0 GPA. Needless to say, her grades earned her an invitation to join the National Honors Society. Because of her academic success, she will be able to graduate from high school an entire year earlier than her peers. After she graduates, Kim would like to earn her doctorates in both English Literature as well as Social Work; her goal is to be able to teach new innovative techniques of the mechanics and procedures of Social Work. This will enable her to speak publically and share the story of her life as she acts as an advocate for those currently in the Foster care system. Kim is already gaining experience acting as an advocate for foster youth. As the President of the Foster Youth and Alumni of Idaho (Region 3 Chapter), Kim is responsible for facilitating monthly group meetings, selecting community projects for the group to work with, organizing fundraisers, creating and editing the group’s monthly newsletter, and occasionally give presentations at the Department of Health and Welfare staff meetings. Kim is enrolled in an Independent Living Program and is currently acing as a group leader. In her role she is required to attend all of the independent living courses, encourage other members to actively listen and contribute to lessons, and serve as a role model for her peers by applying the skills they learn in the courses to her everyday life. She makes it a point to involve herself in her community. She is the Secretary for Church Mia Maid, volunteers frequently at Desert Industries and Church oriented community projects. She is an active member with many of her school’s clubs including the Friends of Rachel club at the Key club. She is also employed as a nanny. An Idaho state employee wrote; “Kim is an outstanding young woman. She has incredible goals and aspirations. I know that she will be a bright star someday. I am excited to see her grow and become the woman she wants to be.” Well said, and we certainly agree.