Keola Limkin spent 6 years in Hawaii's foster care system.

Mr. Limkin spent 6 years in the Hawaii system and is now on track to graduate with a BA in Psychology and Communications. He plans to find work in the social services field upon graduation and work towards a graduate degree in the near future.

Currently, Keola is president of HI HOPES Youth Leadership and has volunteered in Family Programs Hawaii, Project Visitation, and Youth Empowerment and Success (YES). He has also received recognition as Hawaii’s Outstanding Advocate for Children and Youth in 2013. Keola is involved with the youth Leadership board at Jim Casey and the Opportunity Passport Program, a financial literacy training and asset purchase program.

The eldest of 6 siblings, Keola still remains very involved with his siblings’ lives even while being an active community member. Through all this he has worked, gone to school, and pushed to pursue his dreams. He also became a mixed martial artist to challenge himself physically. Keola has provided his testimony to help extend foster care to age 21 and increase Medicaid to 26 before it was required under the Affordable Health Care Act. Mr. Limkin is always trying to grow and has an ethical, positive disposition that everyone can see. Keola has not let his past dictate his future, and it is clear to see that his future is very bright.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2015 Outstanding Young Leaders