Kenzi spent 2.5 years in Idaho's foster care system. Kenzi entered Idaho’s foster care system right before she turned 16 years old due to unfortunate circumstances With no legal guardian available for Kenzi and her five siblings, they were placed into the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Foster Care System. During the two plus years they spent in foster care, Kenzi and her siblings were fortunate enough to be placed together in one home. Five days shy of her 18th birthday, their grandmother adopted Kenzi and her siblings. During her high school career she received a varsity letter, was honored by the Eagle/Garden City Rotary Club and Star Scholars. She also became involved as one of the original members of the Idaho Foster Youth Advisory Board; Kenzi still actively participates with the youth board. After high school, Kenzi worked as a Residential Rehabilitation Therapist. In the near future, she plans to go back to school to pursue a degree specializing in Administration and Program Management. Kenzi's goal is to eventually become an Idaho Child Care Provider for foster children. She loves to work on cars stereo systems from the wiring to the installation; she takes pride in her work. Kenzi also loves driving, coloring and listening to music. Kenzi is a hard working, caring, intelligent, and ambitious foster youth.