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Kaysie Gettie spent 7 years in New Jersey's foster care system.

Kaysie Getty is really motivated to reach her career goal. She wants to become a program director and eventually own her own non profit organization for youth in foster care. She doesn't want other kids to go through what she had to go through. Placed into care at age 14, lived in 5 foster homes - all of them failed. She was in two different shelters, a residential treatment facility, transitional living and now currently resides in an independent living arrangement. Kaysie says one of the most difficult challenges in foster care was being separated from her brothers and sisters. She went from being home and seeing brothers and sisters everyday, to seeing them once a week to not seeing them at all. All her sibling were separated into different homes and the only time they'd meet was in an office once a week. Today Kaysie has moved into leadership positions. She is president of two very active youth boards, serving as role models for youth in the New Jersey System. In 2011, Kaysie received the New Jersey Alliance for Children, Youth and Families Youth Leadership of the Year Award. Kaysie says, "....what we improve now will definitely affect the future. Youth who will be in the foster care system in the future will not have to go through what some of us went through. It is important that we support each other because even though we all have different stories, we have one thing alike and that is: we were all in foster care."