Hayley Jean Carter




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Years in care: 10 years in the Idaho’s foster care system

Hayley is currently attending Greenville Technical College. She wants to become a certified licensed social worker/counselor to open her own practice for children who have experienced abuse like she endured. She volunteers for a self help group for foster teens called Life Hurts God Heals, a program that provides life-long tools for students dealing with unresolved hurt and pain by utilizing the Bible and encouraging students to connect with God. Hayley volunteers as a junior staff with Elva8 a class that teaches foster youth the necessities that they would need to know before they age out of the system. She also volunteers at several other organizations. She received the The Youth of the Year Award 2012 when she stepped into a role as the spokesperson for the Boys & Girls Club. Hayley recently got married and she is currently in the process of becoming a certified foster parent in South Carolina. Some of Hayley’s hobbies playing guitar, painting, drawing, rock climbing and writing poems.


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