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At 22, and as the Vice President for the Humanitarian Club at Lonestar Kingwood College, Donna J feels she is finally in position to be able to bring greater effect to others. She has helped to coordinate and participate in a book drive for under-priveledged kids in South America and Walks for Causes. The more experience she gains now will help to guide her future dreams which include being a Clinical Psychologist, helping specifically with abused children, women and men.

After many placements, complicated by medical requirements, she found long term foster care and eventually adoption. Donna says, “ You have to use your experiences to build your character and morals and help you to survive on your own when your faced in the real world struggle.

I know that if I hadn’t gone through all my struggles of being in foster care and then adopted I would be no where near as strong as I am today.” Currently, Ms. J lives on her own and has been since she was 17. She has made her fair share of mistakes, but strives to correct them and stay on a good path.

She hopes to be an inspiration to youth who are struggling through unbearable situations. “I just want them to know that there are people that are there for them even though it feels like no one understands.”