Arthur L


20 Years Old 



“Most adults would get kids' feelings confused with their actions, not taking into consideration that those kids have severe emotional damage, especially when they freshly enter care.”

Arthur has been actively involved in striving for change in the foster care system since 2021. From his own personal experience in foster care, Arthur learned the value of self-advocacy. He participates in youth movements to expand the voices of young people with lived experience, and is currently serving as the President of his local Youth Leadership Council.

During his time in foster care, Arthur learned how to be adaptable and adjust quickly to frequent changes. He also learned that letting young people have some input in things like placements, therapy, and participation in school programs and sports can go a long way in avoiding unhealthy situations for youth.

Arthur loves playing basketball and plans to pursue opportunities to play professionally. His personal motto is, “Be the person you always wish you had in your life for others.”

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2023 Outstanding Young Leaders