Nineteen-year-old AJ R has been in foster care since the age of ten, residing in a residential facility since 2004. AJ R is not only a foster kid, but a college student and sport’s enthusiast pursuing his degree in Kinesiology at Victoria College. AJ was Peer Leader for the San Antonio area at the state wide PEAKS Camp Adventure where he served as a great example for other youth through his demonstration of teamwork, communication and composure. On top of school and volunteering, AJ has received many awards for achievements in sports, particularly football. Not only is AJ athletic, he’s philanthropic. AJ volunteers for the Yoakum Food Bank on a regular basis, assisting in the delivery of food to those less fortunate. AJ is also extremely active in his local church, organizing youth retreats regularly. AJ has a heart for service and guiding others and plans to become a sports coach in the future. One of AJ’s adult supporters said, “AJ is always a leader and sets an exceptional example for other youth his age. He gets along well with everyone and strives at being an outstanding young adult. He is taking advantage of all the benefits and programs available to him and working towards achieving his goals.” We recognize AJ for exploiting his opportunities, and making the best of what he was dealt.
Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2012 Outstanding Young Leaders