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How Have Foster Parents Impacted Me?

By Treamann Rolfi — Jul 5, 2017

You are going to get a sneak at my journey of the foster homes that impacted me the most. The foster care system has made me who I am today. Today can be thanked in the form of a package labeled "Nicholas Rolfi". The system has shaped and molded my... Read more

#DaretoCare fundraising


By Adam@fosterclub — Jul 1, 2017

How will you #DareToCare? All of us have been impacted by foster care in some fashion. Whether we have been in foster care ourselves, or we know someone who has, it's important to share the impact that it can have on a young person's life. This is... Read more

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How We Can Do Better: Foster Parent Mistakes and Successes

By Danno_M — Jul 1, 2017

People who are interested in becoming foster parents often want to read perspectives on foster parenting from current foster parents. Youth perspectives can be helpful. As I advocate for current and former foster youth, I'm finding more... Read more

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The Ideal Foster Parent

By ruterje13 — Jun 29, 2017

My name is Jessica Determan, I am 19 years old, and I am from southwest Minnesota. I have been in the child welfare system from ages 14 to 18. I have gone through two traditional foster homes, one kinship placement and at the age of 17, I found my... Read more


Former Foster Youth Need Health Care: Dashun's Story

By Celeste — Jun 21, 2017

I spent 4 years in the foster care system in Las Vegas due to negligence and abuse. In 2010, I aged out of foster care at age 18 and lost my health insurance. Then I ended up in the hospital. My hemoglobin had dropped to critical level after years... Read more

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What Being a Great Foster Parent Looks Like to Me

By calaffa1 — Jun 20, 2017

Foster youth are very diverse individuals because they come from many unique backgrounds and cultures. I personally believe being a foster parent takes a lot of responsibility and patience. They have to make sure the children's needs are being met,... Read more

Complete All-Star 2017 group

The complete 2017 All-Star group (both session A and session B).


Meet our 2017 All-Stars

By Adam@fosterclub — Jun 15, 2017

It's been a busy summer doing some amazing things. FosterClub has welcomed 24 All-Stars to our headquarters in Seaside, Oregon. From here they have been able to travel across the country and reach youth in care. For more information on the All-Stars... Read more