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ladynick77 said:

I definitely believe that open communication between foster and birth parent is extremely important ensuring a smooth transition. The goal is always reunification.
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Debra0520 said:

I never judge any child's bio parents or kin. That is a part of them good or bad. I will try to get the child to keep in contact with family as much as possible as long as it is safe and healthy for the child. Debra
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getshelterpets1 said:

We often think about changes that bio parents are to make, but it's very insightful that you said you didn't know how to act when your mom started being a mom, and how you weren't prepared for that.
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Mudman_97 said:

I like hearing from the child in care and learning how they see things.
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dspencer said:

Team work makes the dream work! Awesome!
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BarbaraSmith said:

The Key is ensuring that everyone is a committed part of the team.
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Hollypersinger10 said:

It's good for foster parents and parents to work together
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Hollypersinger10 said:

I like this course
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Hollypersinger10 said:

I really like this course's picture said:

Great reminder to foster parents how important the child's relationship to bio parent is