Mr. Baughman was involved in the system at a young age, eventually he would reunify with his mother. He was inspired to help others through his personal story to create change in the system and give youth a chance to be heard. He strives to effectively impact practice and policies relating to children and families.


    Mr. Baughman is the current lead facilitator for Youth Center Planning Meetings, during these meetings he helps youth navigate the system while entering adulthood for Children and Families of Iowa. He has also been a previous Breakthrough Series Collaborative facilitator, certified Family Team Decision Meeting Facilitator, and a Youth Transition Decision-Making Team Facilitator for the State of Iowa. He has assisted the Building a Better Future Training while advocating for youth, parents, frontline workers and foster parents to work more effectively together to create better outcomes for children and families. Mr. Baughman is a member of Iowa Cultural Equity Alliance, Community Partnership for Protecting Children, and he has worked extensively with Youth Policy Institute to elevate the youth voice across multiple systems. Mr. Baughman obtained an AS degree in Human Services at Des Moines Area Community College and graduated from Upper Iowa University with his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
Council Member - Past