Walker Henry is a nineteen year old who had been in the foster care system for thirteen years. She grew up in the Montana and Washington foster care systems since the age of five and was in Kinship care, two group homes and APPLA. At age eighteen, Walker aged out of the group home she was attending by graduating high school. This fall, she will be attending a two-year college in Wyoming for Early Childhood. On her days off, you can find Walker doing what she loves to do which arrays from listening to country music, reading playing with kids and photography. Walker loves to take pictures of anything, loves to hunt and has an irrational fear of clowns. In the past, Walker has been an active role model in the Boys and Girls Club in Montana, as well as an older sister in her group home of which she aged out of. Today, Walker is independently work oriented, loving life and rising above challenges that come her way with a smile on her face. Walker is a caretaker, writer, photographer...and a foster kid.

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2014 All-Stars