Vivianna Castillo-Roybal

8 years in Minnesota’s foster care system

20 years old 


Vivianna was placed into care at 13 with her two younger brothers. They separated her and her siblings upon entering care. She lived in foster homes, group homes, relative homes, and psychiatric hospitals. It was at 17 when she graduated from her group
home, and moved into the foster home that she now lives in.

Due to the separation from her brothers she started advocating for better sibling connections. She worked with her state advocacy group (Minnesota Youth Leadership Council) to get a law passed to help siblings connect. It has since
been passed and effective since August 1st of 2018. 

Vivianna enjoys anything artistic. Things
like painting, drawing, beading and photography. Art is her best outlet for all her ideas. She also loves music, it doesn’t matter what genre. She constantly has an Elton John or J. Cole song stuck in her head. She does her best at making people laugh. Through jokes, random thoughts or dancing. 

This year Vivianna will attend Bemidji State University majoring in social work. She plans to get her masters and possibly a doctorate. Vivianna will always be an advocate for youth in the system.

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2019 All-Stars