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Vincent Espino

Spent 4 years in Connecticut's foster care system

Over the past few years, Vincent has made an impact on Connecticut’s foster care system. Along with juggling school and work, Vincent has always found time to give back to the foster care system and make it better for the young adults who are currently in care. Throughout high school, Vincent excelled in his high school’s JROTC program by taking initiative and leading his peers through drill exercises and other activities that were apart of the JROTC program. Because of this, Vincent was promoted to Cadet Major, which is the highest honor a cadet can receive, and also received the JROTC leadership award.

As a current thriving college student, Vincent is an active board member in his community, all the while pursuing his education at Naugatuck Valley Community College. While sitting on many youth boards, Vincent is an active board member on the Connecticut Youth Advisory Board and offers mentorship to the younger members in the program, as well as addressing issues that are currently affect adolescent foster youth in his community. In addition to this, he is also involved in the Marrakech Program, which he assists in developing programming for youth in addition to supporting and mentoring the youth in this program.


Biography written by FosterClub volunteer: Ollie Hernandez
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