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Victoria’s foster care experiences began at the age of 13. “When I first got entered the system, I hated it. They took me away from my family, moved me around, and took me away from my friends whom I never wanted to let go of. But as I thought about it more, I knew that it could be an amazing experience if I would let it be.” Victoria is currently involved in many aspects of the foster care system in the New England area. She serves on the Youth Leadership Advisory Team, the York Community Collaborative, and the New England Collaborative. She has also begun to organize a walk in the New England area to increasing awareness for foster care. “I believe it is important for youth to know they have a voice- they can express their feelings, and not have everyone make their choices for them.” Victoria spends her free time singing, and also is a thespian. She is currently working on her school’s musical called Footloose. “Under those lights you are always a different person, kind of in a fantasy world.”