Trent Taylor is honored to be serving as a member of the Youth Engagement Team at the Administration of Children and Families. Trent experienced sexual abuse, extreme neglect, and domestic violence during the first half of his childhood. After he traveled a horrific journey through the Foster Care System that ended in adoption at the age of nine, Trent healed from his traumatic past and has devoted his life to helping others overcome past trauma by providing hope. At the age of 19, Trent is in college pursuing a degree in clinical counseling, is an accomplished public speaker, serves as host of the Watch Me Rise podcast, has authored two books, and is the founder of Watch Me Rise LLC.  Trent uses his past pain for a purpose as he continually strives to break misconceptions through public speaking.    

I’m “ALL-IN” because it is time that we break misconceptions that potentially keep people from adopting. We must educate people regarding the following misconceptions and challenges:

1) Children and teens who have experienced trauma are able to come to dramatic levels of healing. Let’s be honest, we have all heard the negative stereotypes about those of us who have spent time in foster care. With trauma-informed support and true connection with a supportive adult or family, we can reach our goals and positively impact our world. This truth needs to be heard and understood by society.

2) Older children often desire a family as much as younger children. A common misconception is that older children and young adults do not desire the permanency of a forever family. Although it may look different at times, teens and young adults do desire connection and a sense of belonging and can thrive in adoptive placements when proper supports are present.

3) Children and teens are lingering in foster care for far too long. With each new placement comes additional fear and an increased inability to form long-term       attachments. Every child deserves permanency in a timely manner.

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