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Travis Haass spent 3 years in Delaware's Foster Care System. So what can you conclude about a young man in foster care who, despite multiple moves and the lack of a consistent support system, has managed to maintain perfect school attendance? Well, certainly he must be dedicated. Smart? I’d say so. Goal-oriented, mature, determined, strong, resilient…? Those fit. Should I keep going? Perhaps I’ll just tell you more about seventeen year old Travis Haas and his many remarkable accomplishments. Travis entered Delaware’s foster care system after his grandmother passed away three years ago. Despite having to cope with undeniably difficult circumstances, he has settled in with his second foster family and is doing impressively well. His high school, Middletown High, recently awarded him for maintaining a perfect attendance record. Outside of school, Travis is having a strong, positive impact on his community through his community service work at Victory Church in New Castle, Delaware. After he graduates high school, Travis plans on studying Criminal Justice at a four-year College or University. After completing his undergraduate studies, he aspires to become a law enforcement officer. This June he is planning on attending the Delaware State Police Youth Troopers Week to further explore his career goals. Travis is well-respected by the adults and peers in his life. His caseworker writes; “Travis is very respectful and motivated. Although soft-spoken, he is confident yet humble with senses of maturity and accountability that are well beyond his years.” Travis does not and will not let being in foster care hold him back. He is an inspiration to the people around him and a great example for any foster youth who wants to rise above their circumstances and dream big.