Tiffany Davidson, 20, spent five years in Michigan’s foster care system.

Tiffany entered care at 14 and spent the first few years switching between homes. She experienced kinship care and two foster homes. 

In her senior year of high school, Tiffany received multiple awards. She received the “Homework First” award four times (one for each quarter) for thoroughly completing and turning in every homework assignment for each class. She was awarded certificates of pure achievement for maintaining A’s in three art classes, Spanish and English. Also, awarded the Scholastic Award for maintaining a 3.5 GPA throughout her entire senior year. Tiffany has been a member of the Michigan Youth Opportunity Initiative (MYOI) for almost four years. MYOI is a program for foster youth ages 14-21 years-old and teaches basic life skills such as; budgeting, cooking, car care, job training, and child development, and care throughout the year. 

Much of the local volunteer work Tiffany does relates to the foster care agency she is part of. She speaks at trainings, known as Pride trainings, available to foster parents to keep their foster care license and parents training to obtain their foster care license. For the last two years, the agency Tiffany is a part of sponsors a Christian music festival known as the Big Ticket Festival. Tiffany speaks at this event every year, to spread the word about foster care to connect and gain the attention of those who are interested in becoming a foster family, people who may already be foster parents, anyone curious about foster care, and those who may have never considered it. 

In her spare time, Tiffany enjoys hiking local mountains, paths, as well as exploring the area where she attends university and going on road trips to explore even more of the upper peninsula. She likes to listen to music and attend concerts. Tiffany also enjoys spending time with her friends and roommates, and getting involved with her resident hall events such as lip-synch battles, getting dinner together, or volunteering around the campus and in the community. She enjoys traveling and documenting her travels. 

Tiffany aspires to make the Dean’s List and to graduate in three years with a Bachelors's in criminal justice and social work. She hopes to travel abroad or participate in service trips through her school. Tiffany plans to obtain and secure a career in social work, preferably working with troubled teens.

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2019 Outstanding Young Leaders