You never know where true strength is going to come from. For many, it comes from the stability of their traditional families—for others, it can come from transcending the limits those families impose. For Tiffany Bennett-Kaeo, it was foster care that helped her understand what a powerful person she could be, that she was stronger than she’d been led to believe; foster care, she says, has given her the “chance to enjoy life as a kid,” something she felt she wasn’t able to do before. “I am now living with a foster family who support my every decision, who care for my needs and well-being towards a healthy future.”

It hasn’t been easy for Tiffany, but she feels the struggle will help her as she works with youth in care. “I an easily relate to foster children. I can get on heir level and connect with them. I understand where they are coming from because I have been here. I would like to be able to share with other foster youth how a positive outlook and good problem solving skills are needed to solve their problems.”

Now Tiffany would like to use the strength she’s gained through the care of dedicated foster parents to give back, to help other foster youth use their experiences in care to make their lives better. “It is important that people like me have a say in the system because I can understand what it’s like to be in foster care. I would love to get involved on the political side of the system to ensure that decisions are being made with the well-being of foster youth in mind. I’m a creative thinker and I’d like to dedicate my energy to improving foster youth programs.”

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2012 Outstanding Young Leaders