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Thomas experienced the foster care system for five years in six different placements that included kinship care, shelters, group homes and foster homes. He says of being in care, “These scars become part of you and will either strengthen or destroy.” Thomas demonstrates his strength. He is currently a high school senior who is also enrolled in a vocational program that he will graduate from in September as a surgical room technician.
He has also been busy volunteering his time to help train foster parents by assisting a foster parent training unit of the Arizona Division of Children, Youth and Families. Thomas is also a member of the National Technical Honors Society, and he will be receiving an award for his community service.
Possibly the most moving part of his story has been Thomas’ dedication to mentoring other foster youth in the system. “It is very difficult to express the profound impact Tommy has made on the individual lives of ten adolescents while in custody of the Arizona foster care system. He taught these children about the system and how to advocate for themselves so their voices and those of their family would be heard by the child welfare system and the court system.”




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