Thessalonia spent 18 years in California's foster care system.

At birth, Thessalonia Logan was placed into kinship care with her grandmother along with her seven siblings. After her grandmother's passing, she was sent to live with her aunt where she, and two of her younger siblings, experienced physical and emotional abuse. Fearing sibling separation and placement in a foster home, Thessalonia endured the abuse until the age of 18 when she was able to move into DCFS transitional housing. Thessalonia credits transitional housing programs with building her independence and becoming a responsible young adult. Currently, she is now out of transitional housing and has her own one bedroom apt and is attending Los Angeles Trade Technical College studying Psychology while working full time as a security guard.

A very focused and goal-oriented individual, Thessalonia refuses to let her past have any negative effect on the present or future. One of her many goals is to become a Social Worker in order to help other foster youth. Thessalonia loves to do for others and always strives to stay focused on what's important to her.

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2017 Outstanding Young Leaders