Terrance P lives in Florida and attends Pathways Academy. After completing High School he plans to enroll at Florida Community College, and be an active band member. After this, his goals are to attend University of Georgia. His desire is to be a professional wrestler, so he spends a lot of time preparing for this ultimate goal. Terrance has spoke publicly, explaining his 2 years of experiences in the foster care system, in hopes to better the system, and encourage other children.

He has received the You Rock Award for being a strong leader, and meeting expectations, and also the Above and Beyond Award. He attributes his ability to spot and battle adversities in life to his time in the foster care system, and would like to participate in bettering the system, offering his experiential knowledge and ideas. After being removed from his home, at age 14, he was placed with his grandfather’s ex-wife, for two years. He is a bright man, with high goals, and the courage and ability to accomplish them. He volunteers at Womanade Dignity, and Second Harvest Food Bank, and Habijax, in his community.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2012 Outstanding Young Leaders